Pure Breathing Air Services Pty. Ltd.

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Pure Breathing Air Services Pty. Ltd.

Breathing Apparatus

PBAS Safety Equipment Servicing is a leading Service Centre for major brands of Breathing Apparatus equipment. We are fully accredited service workshop with Quality Management System ISO9001:2008.


PBAS Safety Equipment Servicing specialises in the following breathing apparatus equipment.
Face Masks
Back Plates
Self Rescuers (SSR’s)
Demand Valves
Airline Trolleys
Breathing Air Hoses
Filter Packs/Systems


PBAS Safety Equipment Servicing has been factory trained and accredited to inspect, service and repair the following equipment.

PBAS Services

We can provide you with quotes for any of the following services and can assist with advice and options that will best meet your priorities, budget and time frames.
Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing
Cylinder Refills
Scheduled BA equipment inspections
Repairs and overhauls

Compliance Scheduled Servicing

We can support customers with a scheduled inspection reminder system to meet safety equipment compliance standards. Our equipment database service includes contacting customers by fax, email and/or telephone to prompt scheduled inspections. The inspections and subsequent service and/or repairs can be quoted and provided by our qualified service technicians.
PBAS Safety Equipment Servicing completes all servicing and overhauls of Breathing Apparatus equipment in our clean room facility.